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The prices you see here on the website are MY prices.
I am a small business, and I have a lot of expenses, worker's fees, and other payments I need to make. I calculate my prices keeping these things in mind, to give you my lowest possible price for the quality of work that I offer.
So please don't ask me for a "deal" or a better price than what is listed here, because I will not be able to accomodate. I charge the same for everyone, and I treat everyone's pools as equal.
Being a small business owner, I am able to offer you good quality Canadian work.

Thank You for Understanding.


When a service is completed (opening, closing or cleaning), payment is due immediately (unless we have set up some other arrangement). You can make this payment in one of the following ways:

   Go to and use your credit card (you don't need a PayPal account to do so). Email the payment to (a 2% fee will be added to payment total)

    If you bank online, you can send me an Email Transfer to (no fees will be added)

    You can write a cheque made payable to: Sherelle Kelly-Witt and let me know where I can find it.

 I will always accept cash.


Extra Charges  

If a pool is excessively dirty, extra charges may be added to your total bill. I will assess the situation and ALWAYS inform you of any extra fees BEFORE I do the job, giving you the option of having the job done or not, or paying the little bit extra.
Note: In most cases, extra charges will not exceed $20.00, keeping it fair for both of us.


If you have requested a service from us and we are running behind, or bad weather has kept us from accomplishing a task, we will call, text or email you to let you know.  

I will be in touch with you after cleaning if we see any concerns pertaining to your pool, to keep you in the loop. For example, if we see any leaks or repairs that are needed. I do know basic repairs, but if I see something that is bigger or more complex than I can handle myself, I will recommend someone who can. I will NOT try to fix something that I do not have the knowledge of, in risk that I will cause further damage to your equipment.

The "Un-Contract"

I advertise "no contract" which I will hold strong to. I do, however, require payment for all work done. After your first cleaning, if you are satisfied with my work, I will ask you to sign a waiver. This waiver will not only release you from any accidents that I may have on your property due to my own clumsiness, (not including pet bites etc.) but it will protect me from "non-payments" or NSF cheques for work completed on your property. (I have to write this to cover my bum)


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