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Service Visit                                                             $65.00 /hr

If you are needing me to come and "look" at a pool issue that you have, need me to "pop by" to see if I can help you, a service call is $65.00 for the first hour, and $32.50 each half hour afterwards. This is lower than the going rate, and being as efficient as I am, I will most likely be able to solve and or/fix the problem in that amount of time.
If I am not able to solve the issue, that service fee still applies. We all know how much gas costs these days, and my work truck is no exception.

Orientation - $65


Did you just move into a new house with a pool, and you have no idea how it works?
Let me show you! I will explain the circulatory system of your pool, the do's and don'ts, to help you feel more at ease with your pool, and not to be afraid of "breaking it".
Bring your pen and notebook to write anything down, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have.


Cleaning Services

Weekly, Bi-Weekly or a One Time Cleaning Service   .... (most pools)  $65.00 each visit including tax

 Sweeping around the pool
 Vacuuming Pool 
 Cleaning Scum Line 
 Skimming all debris off surface 
 Emptying & Cleaning all strainer baskets and Pump basket
 Backwash Filter (if needed depending on pressure gauge reading) 
 Testing water chemistry (chemical balance of pool) & adding chemicals if necessary                (cost of chemicals is included in the price)
 If you need a weekly or bi-weekly shocking (10L liquid chlorine) there is an extra charge of $10 for the Chlorine. If you have your own, I will use yours at no extra charge.

 I inspect your equipment to make sure that it is working properly. If there are issues, I will contact you and let you know if any repairs are needed and the cost involved.

Opening Clean

If you have a safety cover and have opened your own pool, or if you have taken off your cover, and the water is green (you can't see the bottom) a full cleaning  for this case scenario is $100.00. You will definitely need chlorine to shock it, I would suggest you shock it first with 10L of liquid chlorine before you call me.
A lot more time and elbow grease goes into a green pool.

Holiday Cleaning

If you're going away in the summer for a week or more, don't leave your pool in the hands of a neighbour who doesn't know how a pool works. Give us a call and we will fit you into our scedule for a 1 or 2 time clean, so you can be sure you don't come home to a swamp in your backyard. It will cost you more to clean up a green pool than it will for us to "pop by". See above for the cost and what we do to make sure your pool is squeaky clean while you're away.

Pool Opening  

Above Ground Pools  .....  $250 including chemicals* and tax

In Ground Pools   
Waterbag and tarp, Lock-In Cover and Safety Cover ...... $350 including chemicals * and tax

 SAVE $100! - For Waterbag and Lock in covers only: If you remove the water/debris and your own cover off of the pool, clean and store it yourself, I will take $100 off of the price you see here. Time is money, so let me help you save some!

The Opening includes: 

  Removing water off of cover (if applicable)
  Cleaning cover and water bags. Rolling them up and storing them where you want them.
  Installing all pool fittings that were removed for the closing.
  Starting the process of re-filling your pool to proper levels.
  Vacuuming your pool if we can see the bottom.
  Cleaning waterline and coping.
 * Adding  Liquid Chlorine to your pool to shock it.  If you have a salt water pool, it is still recommended to add this initial shock until your water temperature is high enough to start your salt water chlorinator. (Higher than 50 degrees C)
  Remounting all pool accessories (stairs, ladders and diving board).

Pool Closing

Above Ground Pools ...............................  $250 including chemicals *
In Ground Pools         .........................  $350 including chemicals *
Pool with Spill over Spas ...................... add $50

*Chemicals include Stain and Scale (Metaguard), Algaecide (50%) and 10L of liquid chlorine to shock
(20L of Chlorine if you have a safety cover)


The Closing includes:

   Lowering the water level  below the skimmer and (in most cases) return lines, blowing water out of your lines and plugging them.
   Vacuum to waste so the pool is debris free. If your pool is green and we cannot see the bottom, we do not vacuum. Usually a pool that closes green, opens green. So be sure to keep your pump running and chemicals balanced until the scheduled closing date.
   Removal of all pool accessories (stairs, ladders, diving board) and put them away for you.
   Winterizing of your equipment (pump, filter, heater if you have one and skimmer)
   Putting the cover on as securely as possible.

taxes are included in these prices

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