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Opening Checklist for Home Owners

Please make sure the following items are accessible to me so we can complete your pool opening.
Thank You!

  • Diving Board, Ladders, Steps. (if these were taken off in the Fall)
  • Skimmer basket and pump basket
  • * Eyeballs (jets)
  • * Ladder bumpers -if you have a ladder (white rubber things)
  • * Pump, filter plugs
  • * Chlorinator plugs (if you have a chlorinator)
  • * Heater plugs (if you have a heater) these should be brass.
  • Salt Water Chlorinator (if you have a salt water system)

Please make sure the electricity is on outside so I can start up your pump.
Please make sure your outside water is on (and preferably have a garden hose available for us).

*Please note, if I closed your pool, I would have put all plugs and eyeballs etc. inside your skimmer or pump basket. As long as you leave the baskets out for me, I will have all of the parts I need.

I do not light heaters. I am not a licensed gas technician, and can be charged up to $50,000 if I am caught doing so. As a home owner, you are allowed to do this, although, I do recommend you have a licensed technician service (and clean) your heater before lighting. Who knows what kind of critters made your heater home over the winter.

If you are in need of a Heater service, please let me know when you book your opening, and I will put in a service call for you to a respected Gas Company that I recommend, and  they will be in touch with you to clean, inspect and light your heater.


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