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The Pool Girl

Spirit. Passion. Dexterity.

Not just the girl next door...

News & Updates

Opening Season starts on April 12th, but I am booked solid until June 9th!

The Pool Girl Now accepts Visa,  Mastercard, e-transfers, cheques, cash and NOW DEBIT as forms of payment!!
New this year, earn yourself points and miles (as on your credit card) by paying for your pool services with your card!

I now have a Dream Payments handheld unit for my smartphone, and I can process credit card and debit transactions on the spot!

I am also requiring a credit card number to keep on file (my secure file) so if a payment goes delinquent for one reason or another, I have a backup. I will always ask your permission before I charge the card in case you wish to pay via some other means.

I accept Cash, cheques, Bank E-Transfers, PayPal,  Visa & Mastercard and now Debit.

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